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How to Start Speaking English like an American

Are you ready to learn everything you need to know about sounding like someone who was born and raised in the United States or Canada?

If you speak English as a second language and feel like your foreign accent is holding your back from jobs, promotions, and even friendships, this may be one of the most important messages you will ever read...

Hello and welcome.  My name is Sheri Summers and I am the owner of Accent on Speaking and the creator of the American Accent Workshop.  I have been teaching English and working with people from all over the world for the past 20 years.

One thing I noticed a long time ago was that although a lot of people know English grammar and vocabulary well, many don't have enough confidence in their speaking because they never learned correct pronunciation.

They worry that they won't be understood, or even worse, that they will be judged for how they sound in English.

I have made it my goal this past decade to teach you everything you missed out on regarding English pronunciation and the American accent.

Over the past 10 years I have been creating and refining a program that will help you re-learn the way you speak English.  I want to teach you the "secrets" of the American accent that even your English teachers don't know about.

I call this program the American Accent Workshop.


What is the American Accent Workshop?


The American Accent Workshop is an internet-based foreign accent reduction program designed to teach you everything you need to know to sound great in American English.

While most programs teach you the basics of how to pronounce each sound, we are going to give you an in-depth understanding and usage of not only how every sound in English works, we are going to teach you stress and intonation, all of the subtle rises and falls in pitch, how pausing works, and how all of these things change your message.


You will start sounding like a native English speaker when you begin to use these SECRETS of the American Accent.


You will love the fact that you can learn from anywhere in the world.  And you can study anytime your want- even if it is at 3:00 a.m. and you are sitting in the kitchen wearing your pajamas!

All you will need is a computer with decent internet and a desire to improve the way you speak English.

The American Accent Workshop is a unique course which contains a series of 34 full length (60 to 75 minute) training videos that will take you through all of the American accent.

Our program doesn't just cover pronunciation (like how to pronounce the R or the TH), we also teach you how to use American intonation, rhythm and timing get a real native English sound.

Here are just a few of the things that you are going to learn in the American Accent Workshop:

   The rules of the American accent. This is the stuff you didn't learn in your ESL class- even the average American doesn't realize he is doing this!

   The difference between vowel sounds cat, cot, and cut. Many people confuse them.

   How to distinguish between the vowels in hit and heat.

   How to correctly pronounce the vowels in in foot and cook every time.

   The one-of-a-kind American R. You'll do it right after our instructions.

   How North Americans are saying O (and you are probably not.)

   The TH in words like think and brother.

   How to "Americanize" the L (and how to distinguish it from R if that is difficult for you.)

   How to overcome trouble sounds for your specific language background.

   How spelling affects pronunciation. (Spelling is a killer when it comes to pronunciation.)

   How to link words and sounds together so they sound smooth and natural, not stiff and choppy.

   Which words should be stressed, which words should NOT be stressed, and why.

   Basic patterns of word intonation. Once you get this down, you can start to recognize them in everything around you.

   The absolutely, without a doubt, most common sound in English. And if you didn't learn English from childhood, you probably aren't saying it right!  AND THIS SOUND IS A SECRET KEY TO SOUNDING LIKE AN AMERICAN!

   How to recognize and pronounce the reduced words of English. This will make a HUGE difference in your speaking.

   How to make sure you are getting your true meaning across without offending anyone.

   Answers to your specific questions.

   How to come across to others sounding like the confident and intelligent person that you are.

   And much, much more!


Note: Since the American Accent Workshop is conducted in English only, we recommend at least an intermediate understanding of English for best results in this program.



You will also get exercises, assignments and more to make sure that you are getting the practice you need to improve your speech.

When you become a regular member of the American Accent Workshop right now, you will get LIFETIME ACCESS to all of our materials so you can come back and review the program whenever you like.


What Exactly Do I Get Inside the
American Accent Workshop?


The American Accent Workshop consists of 4 modules so you can learn every aspect of the American accent.  Each lesson contains a training video (60-75 minutes) with exercises and recommendations.


Module 1

American Vowels

Lesson One:

Pronouncing /a/ as in father & /ae/ as in apple

Lesson Two:

Pronouncing the uh as in fun. Comparison of uh, /a/, and /ae/

Lesson Three:

Pronouncing the /iy/ as in seat, the /i/ as in sit, and the /uw/ as in blue

Lesson Four:

Pronouncing the /u/ as in cook and the /e/ as in bed

Lesson Five:

Long and Short Vowels and English Spelling

Lesson Six:

Pronouncing the /aw/ as in cow and the /oy/ as in toy.

Lesson Seven:

Pronouncing the Schwa

Lesson Eight:

The American R (Semi-Vowel)

Module 2

American Consonants

Lesson Nine:

The American L and R

Lesson Ten:

Pronouncing the P, B, F, and V

Lesson Eleven:

Pronouncing the T, D, and -ed

Lesson Twelve:

Pronouncing the S, Z and TH

Lesson Thirteen:

Pronouncing the SH, ZH, CH and J

Lesson Fourteen:

Pronouncing the K, G, M, N, and the NG

Lesson Fifteen:

Pronouncing the H, W, and Y

Lesson Sixteen:

Pronunciation Review


Module 3

American Word Intonation

Lesson One:

Introduction to Word Intonation

Lesson Two:

Intonation in Words Part 1

Lesson Three:

Intonation in Words Part 2

Lesson Four:

Intonation in Words Part 3

Lesson Five:

Word Intonation Review

Lesson Six:

Different Word Stress Patterns

Lesson Seven:

Linking Words Together

Lesson 8    Compound Nouns and Descriptive Phrases
Lesson 9    Intonation in Phrasal Verbs, Spelling, and More


Module 4

American Sentence Intonation

Lesson Ten:

Content Words and Structure Words

Lesson Eleven:

Pronouncing Structure Words Part 1

Lesson Twelve

Pronouncing Structure Words Part 2


Lesson Thirteen:

Rhythm and Timing

Lesson Fourteen:

Speeding up Modals

Lesson Fifteen:

Asking Questions

Lesson Sixteen:

Emphatic and Contrastive Stress

Lesson Seventeen:

Sequencing and Conversational Tone

Lesson Eighteen:

Compound Sentences


  Please note: You will receive the video trainings online.  You will not receive DVD's by mail.


Take a Peek inside the American Accent Workshop

Would you like to see what is inside the membership area?



As a new member, you will also receive:


Bonus #1

Get Answers to your Questions in our Help Board

One of the problems with pronunciation books, CD's and software is that there is no one around to answer the questions you have.  We DO answer your questions- anytime you have them.  And we will be there for you whenever you need us through our online forum.


Bonus #2

American Accent Workshop Materials

Even after you finish all of your materials, we want you to be able to return to the workshop whenever you need to "brush up" on your pronunciation and accent.


Bonus #3

Free Updates for Life

We are continually expanding the program and because of this, the price will gradually go up as time goes on.  But when you join now you will receive all of the updates in the future for free!


What do you think a life-changing course like this would be worth?

Improving your communication style may allow you to pull in thousands more dollars per year as you advance in your career.  That could potentially mean tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of extra dollars over your lifetime.  Imagine how that would change your life!

When you change the way you come across to others can improve your relationships with friends, colleagues, clients, and people in the community, the joy that these relationships can bring is priceless!

A course like this could easily cost you $5000. And it would be worth it!

But that price would put the program out of reach for a lot of people and I don't want that.

You can start today for just $39

Then just 3 more payments of of $39 for the next 3 months.

Some people who know about the depth of the American Accent Workshop have actually told us how shocked they are at how low the cost is.  We have wondered if we should raise the price, and that might happen sometime soon.  But for now you can start for just $39


Get 1 Module each month for 4 Months


  • BONUS 1: Help Board

  • BONUS 2: Get Lifetime Access to All Modules (after completion of payment)

  • BONUS 3: FREE Updates for Life